We are currently writing a SketchUp interface to the FRAME3DD analysis program,
produced by Professor Henri Gavin at Duke University.

FRAME3DD is a frame analysis program, while SketchUp is a 3D modelling package.

Above is an example of a simple trailer frame with loads and constraints applied.
The frame is made up of 8 rectangular beam sections and has 5 loads applied.
Four constraints have been applied to represent the points where an axle would attach.

Below are links to SketchUp, Frame3DD and the current version of our interface functions.

The contents of the current "files.zip" archive are as follows;

File Description





  Function to draw a 3D tube member
  Function to draw a 3D rectangular beam member
  Function to draw a 3D square beam member

  Function to apply a load in the X direction
  Function to apply a load in the Y direction
  Function to apply a load in the Z direction
  Function to apply a constraint

  Function to extract beam data to a disk file

  Constraint 3D symbol
  X load 3D symbol
  Y load 3D symbol
  Z load 3D symbol

Below is another example of a simple frame. This shows a pyramid frame comprising 4 members,
with a single vertical load and each base point constrained.

Once we've completed the interface we will use this with Frame3DD to analyse
various chassis frame designs.


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