The Type 3 chassis is a modified version of the Type 2 chassis. This design replaces some of the
25SHS tube in the more highly loaded areas with 50x25RHS tubing. It is intended for use with a 6 cylinder
engine or small V8.

The chassis is constructed from square and rectangular tubing. All chassis members are
constructed using either 25 mm square steel tube or 50 x 25 rectangular tube, all with a
1.6 mm wall thickness.

Clubman Chassis Models

The image above shows a 3D wireframe structure used to perform a simple stress analysis for this chassis design.
The analysis involved applying a couple (two forces of equal size but opposite direction, to create a purely torsional
load) to the front of the frame while holding the rear of the frame fixed. The relative rotation of the front of the
chassis under this load is an indication of the torsional stiffness of the chassis.


 Clubman Chassis Models

The image above shows the predicted stress levels (axial stress along each tube) in the chassis structure
due to an applied torsional load. The red colour indicates the most highly stressed chassis members.
Yellow indicates moderate stress levels while blue indicates low stress.

This chassis was tested for theoretical torsional stiffness. A value of 2175 lbs.ft/degree was calculated.  A calculation
was also carried out to see what the stiffness value would be if the rectangular members were replaced with
square members (to see the specific effect of using the RHS tubing). This gave a value of 1787 lbs.ft/degree.


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